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Team Building Activities Sydney a Review

Author: Team Building Activities Sydney  Date: 09 May 2020

What is out there for team building activities Sydney?

A killer night that is also a fantastic team building activity. Do I have your interest?

A murder mystery party is such a fun way to have some laughs and build your team. They are quick to organise and easy to run.

Sponsored Murder Mystery Party Games

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Teenager murder mystery games

Adult and teenager party games (no murder)

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Non Physical Team Building Activities

Murder Mystery Party - Murder mystery parties are fantastic as a team building activity and have been for many years. Gozone that run these parties have been in operation since 1990 and on their website they say that they have run these parties for over 1 million people. Murder mysteries are not physical so they suit any fitness level. Murder mysteries get your team talking and mingling. They are perfect for a team training day or to break up a conference.

Escape Hunt - A 60 minutes team building activity with the team to solve riddles and clues in order to escape. Team cooperation and participation is the only way to success

Graffiti Art - Employees are divided in a team of 10-15 members who work together to create an artwork that depicts the values of the company. Organizing a Graffiti Art competition is a great way to reinforce the company's value.

Cook Up A Storm - Cook Together with your team members and learn some new skills. In the end, a delicious meal is waiting for you.

Sydney Bus Tours - Explore the beauty of the East Coast of Sydney with your team and give them a day of relaxation. 

Paparazzi - A short flexible team-building event of 90 minutes. Complete different tasks and get your photographs like a TV actor. It is great fun and fantastic value. 

Game Show - Fun game show activity that brings together multiple activities in the form of small groups of teams. Each round of the game show consists of a quiz and it brings a lot of laughs.

A Minute to Win it - Based on the hit TV Show "A minute to win it" a series of challenges and funds that continues 2 hours. The team is divided into a group of 10 members where they work together to succeed. It is an effective way to build energy and cohesiveness. 

Film Making - Become the actor, director, and producer in the script of your own choice. Challenge your creativity and collaboration in a 3.5 hours long movie. 

Real Life Room Escape - You will team up with your mates and solve puzzles to escape room. It brings a lot of fun and excitement alongside the challenges and hurdles. 

Cook a Meal for the Homeless - Come together with your team to prepare a meal for the people in need across Sydney. Spend time in Kitchen with your group members and enhance your collaboration skills.

Corporate Event Photography - Hosting an event or want to conduct a photo booth competition, this corporate photography is useful for team collaboration and participation skills. Allowed group size is up to 100 people. 

Cork & Canvas Team Building Events - Celebrate the fun of arts with your colleagues and teammates. The professional artists of Cork & Canvas will help in making beautiful paintings for you and the team.  

Video Games Events - Select from the series of available video game events in Sydney. Prepare your team and take part in the video games. 

The Pitch - Team comes up with their pitch on the idea of their products or service they wish to offer. The aim of teams is to convince the judge that their product is a sound investment. Two hours long event tests the communication and team skills.

Indoor Drumming Events Sydney - A musical activity where your team members are the drummers and different options to chose from. The event is 90 minutes long with up to 10 participants.

Physical Team Building Activities

Bubble Soccer - An exciting team building activity similar to Football where two teams compete with each other by scoring goals. 

Amazing Race Sydney - Make your team and take part in the amazing Race Sydney in 9 different locations in Sydney. Each team is given a map and points are scored on each checkpoint. 

Awezone Trampoline Park - Looking for some fun and fitness with your team members. Trampoline activity is, especially for relaxation and fun. 

Scavenger Hunt - Scavenger Hunts events are exciting where participants are given different items to organize and complete the list. These are perfect all-round activities.

Paint Ball - Interactive corporate team-building activity in the costume of the army. Both teams are provided paintball guns and they look to score maximum kills in groups.

Go Karts - Corporate Team building activity to mix business with fun. Take part in the form of a group of 20 people and experience the lifetime experience of Go Karts. 

Ten Pin Bowling - A fantastic team building activity that is loved by everyone. Play in the forms of groups, dinner, and shoes are also provided. 

Breaking the Barriers - Board Breaking - Participate in the form of a group of 10 to 20 people in the challenge of 1 hour long. It tests your physical and team-building skills. 

 Laser Tag - Team up to hit your targets in the battlefield and lead your team from the front. Enhance your leadership skills, problem and planning solving so you can work effectively in the office. 

 Abseiling NSW - Abseiling is a safe and exciting adventure sport that everyone can experience and enjoy. This activity is a great way to experience the magnificent atmosphere of the Blue Mountains as you rappel down some of Australia's most famous rock faces.

 Bushsports BushWalking - Entertain yourself and your team members with the 3 hours long bushwalk. Bushsports walk and design gives bushwalkers an improved relaxing environment.

 Segway Challenge - This two-wheeled, self-balancing electric vehicle is amazing fun. Contribute to the challenge in the form of a team. The challenge is designed in a way to increase the fun.  

 Lawn Bowls - In this sport teams compete against each other where they throw roll balls to stop them closer to a smaller ball called "Jack" or "Kitty". 

High Ropes Adventure - One of the adventurous and most challenging team building activity that tests the patience and courage of team members. Fairmont adventure park is the place for such activity. 

Wild Flight at Wildlife Sydney Zoo - Enjoy an amazing time with your team members in Wild Flight at Sydney Zoo. You can control the speed of the flight as well. Fly over the animals in the zoo alongside the birds.

Beach Games - Prepare your team and take part in Beach activities including Cricket, Volleyball, and Surfing. Enjoy sun and sports at the same time on different beaches in Sydney. 

Empower Fitness & Martial Arts - Learn the art of Martial Art and challenge your physical fitness. Play with your team members and train yourself in different areas of your physical training.

Survivor Challenge Outwit Outplay Last - Step into wild in groups and compete against each other. There are different challenges testing communication, problem-solving, teamwork. 

White Water Rafting Conquering the Rapids - The participants feel the same challenge as they feel in the workplace. Teams are provided all the necessary protection stuff and they have a limited time to reach the destination. 

Corporate Golf - Spend some quality time with your team members in Moore Golf Park. Challenge them and beat them by showing your golf skills. 

Clay Target Shooting - Join Suzy Balogh and her wonderful team and sharpen the skills of clay shooting with your team members. This 90 minutes shooting session will have all necessary equipment for you and your team.

Archery Attack Dodge - Attack your opponents with archery attacks in a fast-paced game. Pick your side and take part in the battlefield. Allowed time is around 2.5 hours for the challenge.  

Rally Drive Do It in the Dirt - Challenge your team members in the dirt rally racing and take corners like a pro on a dirt racing track. A better way to challenge your team members.

Corporate Kayak - Team building and effective canoeing on the shores of Sydney offered by OzPaddle. A group of minimum of two people is required for canoeing.

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